Advanced anesthesia and surgical technique for joint replacements contribute to a successful surgery and recovery, regardless of the setting! We have hand-picked a team of professionals – Registered Nurses, Anesthesia Providers, Home Nursing & Therapy Care to deliver the most consistent high-value care in a personalized environment in one of the community’s first medical facility to provide same-day joint replacements in an outpatient setting.

Total knee replacement, unicompartmental knee replacement, total shoulder replacement and hemiarthroplasty shoulder replacement are procedures apart of our innovative program that is a game-changer in healthcare – same-day joint replacement surgery in Ambulatory Surgery Centers. In an outpatient setting, careful patient selection, advanced perioperative surgical, anesthesia and rehabilitation protocols enable these procedures to be performed safely and successfully in an outpatient setting.

“Outpatient joint replacement is a less costly, higher quality way to have personalized care without the risk of hospital-borne infections and allows you to recover in your own home.”

Our joint replacement program’s success is based on careful patient selection, patient commitment and perfect executive of advanced surgical, anesthesia and home health protocols. Patients can expect to have better pain control and to recover faster. Our team of many professionals with different specialties makes a commitment to you to work in harmony to deliver consistent high-value care.

In collaboration with our surgeons, we are committed to providing the most effective clinical care to optimize patient outcomes – a hallmark to our surgical facility.


Please call The Orthopaedic Surgery Center at (330) 758 – 1065 if you would like additional information.