11 Orthopaedic Surgery FAQs


Orthopaedic Surgery FAQs


Who is eligible for our Price Transparency Package Pricing?
If you plan to schedule surgery at our facility and we are filing insurance for you, the prices listed on this website do not apply to you.

Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please contact The Orthopaedic Surgery Center at (330) 758-1065 and let our Team know you have a question about our transparent pricing. You can email our Administrator, Taylor Cera, at pricing@www.theorthosurgerycenter.com with questions as well.

What is included in the price?
If you are determined a candidate for surgery, the facility fee, surgeon’s fee, and anesthesiologist’s fee are included in the price. Please see the pricing list for specific procedures that may require additional fees such as implants. Any additional fees will be clearly defined prior to surgery.

What if I consult with a physician and it is determined I am not a orthopaedic surgery candidate?
As a part of our package price, a $200 surgical consultation fee will be your responsibility and we expect payment at the time of consultation. If you are not a candidate for surgery, the only cost incurred by the patient is the consultation fee.

How long is the quoted price valid?
Quotes are valid for 60 days.

How will a surgeon be selected for me?
If you do not have a preference, one of our highly trained surgeons will be selected for you from our qualified Team, specializing in Orthopaedics, Podiatry, and Pain Management.

What methods of payment does TOSC accept?
To keep our pricing low and competitive and our quality high, a cashier’s check or cash is the preferred method of payment. Self-insured companies may make other arrangements with TOSC if necessary.

Who will I pay?
All payments will be made to The Orthopaedic Surgery Center with the exception of the surgical consultation fee. The surgical consultation fee will be due and paid to the physician’s office at the time of consultation.

Can I make payment arrangements?
Payment in full is expected at the time of service. This pricing is made available with the expectation of full payment by the patient.

May I stay overnight in the facility?
There are no overnight stays at TOSC. Overnight stays are not necessary; however, our Team would be glad to assist in lodging plans for you and your family at outside hotels in the area.

What is the infection rate at TOSC?
The rate of infection is a measurable benchmark when determining the quality of a healthcare facility. The rate of infection is a true measure of quality, one that cannot be altered or inflated by facilities to enhance quality metrics. Since 2003, The Orthopaedic Surgery Center has performed thousands of Orthopaedic-specific procedures with less than 0.5% rate of infection. This is a remarkable achievement when compared to a national benchmark of around 2.6% for Ambulatory Surgery Centers and around 4% for Hospitals. What is more notable is that in 2012, we did not have a single infection. TOSC’s rate of infection in 2013 and 2014 were 0.14% and 0.10% respectively. Our Team is proud and passionate about our rate of infection and continues to work to improve our protocols for you.

Orthopaedic Surgery

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